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What is Pharmexcil?

The vibrant growth of Indian Pharma Industry and the recommendations from four key National Pharma associations made. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India realized the need for separate export promotion council for Pharma sector. Accordingly, Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL) has been set up on 12.5.2004. 
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry vide Public Notice No. 61/2004-09, dated 16.03.2005 has made Pharmexcil the sole agency to issue Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMCs) to all Pharma exporters. 
The activities of the Pharmexcil are administered by Committee of Administration consisting of representatives from Pharma Industry, National Pharma Associations like Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA), Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association India (BDMA), Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA),  Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers association (ADMA) &Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises(ABLE) and Officials from different departments such as Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Health , Govt. of India etc.


Who has to get registered under Pharmexcil?

Every exporter of Pharmaceutical Products are required to have valid Registration-cum-Membership Certificate issued by Pharmexcil as per the guidelines issued by DGFT.


How to become the member of Pharmexcil?

Application form is available online and to be filled on line. One copy of the application form and three copies of RCMC duly signed and putting company’s seal, should be sent to Pharmexcil along with all required documents for issue of RCMC as mentioned below.


Fee for RCMC membership:

S. No.

Category of Members

Membership Fee GST 18% Total

Entrance Fee

GST 18%



Large Scale Manufacturer

Rs. 36,000/- p.a.



Rs. 63,720 /-


Small Scale Manufacturer

Rs. 10,000/- p.a.

Rs. 5000 /-

2700 /-

Rs. 17,700 /-


Merchant Exporter

Rs. 12,000/- p.a.

Rs. 6000/-

3240 /-

Rs. 21,240 /-

Large scale manufacturer: Member has to submit a certificate issued by the Secretariat for Industrial Assistance. 
Small scale manufacturer: Member has to submit SSI certificate issued by the Director of Industries. 


Documents to be enclosed

Large Scale Manufacturer: Import Export Code, PAN Card, Industrial License, Drug License, Brief Profile of the Company, along with brochure. 
Small Scale Manufacturer: Import Export Code, PAN Card, SSI Permanent Registration, Drug License, Brief Profile of the Company, along with brochure. 
Merchant Exporter: Import Export Code, PAN Card, Drug License, Brief Profile of the Company, along with brochure.

Procedure to Import/Export Registration
Our Expert team will draft & file the application with the Import/Export Department & will follows-up with Import/Export Department. For more information contact our customer care on +91 7558 640 644 or


What are the benefits do members get from Council, apart from RCMC?

  • Pharmexcil assist the members in the following areas:

  • Organizing Trade delegations/Buyer-Seller Meetings at abroad

  • Organizing Reverse Buyer-Seller Meetings in India 

  • Assisting members to get their MDA/MAI claims refunded from Govt. of India

  • Issue of Certificate of Origin

  • Organizing periodical Seminars/Interactive meeting on exports related issues

  • Disseminating trade related queries received from abroad

  • Making suggestions to Govt. andoutlining policies on issues of Pharma exports

  • Making representations to Govt. of India and other agencies in India and abroad for the common problems of the Industry


Products and services falling under purview of Pharmexcil includes: 

  • Drugs in bulk and its intermediates; 

  • Formulations of Herbal, Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic medicines; 

  • Biotech and biological products; Diagnostics, Surgicals, Neutraceuticals, 

  • and Pharma industry related services like Collaborative research, Contract manufacturing, Clinical trials and Consultancy.


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