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It is mandatory to have Ayush Retail license for sale of Ayurvedic /Unani / siddha medicines or any product related to ayurvedic in India. Without Ayush License, there are Government Penalties to sell ayurvedic / Unani product.

4 different types of Ayurvedic licenses issued by Department of Ayush are as follows:

  1. Retail License: Retail License is issued to run and sell ayurvedic medicines/products in India.
  2. Wholesales License: Wholesale License is issued to persons or agencies engaged in wholesale of Ayurvedic drugs and medicines
  3. Manufacturing License: Manufacturing License is issued to persons or agencies engaged in manufacturing of ayurvedic drugs and medicines
  4. Loan License: Loan License is issued to a loan licensee/person using the premises, equipments and staff of another ayurvedic drug licensee having a manufacturing license.


License Required To Sell Ayurveda Medicine

  1. If one is asking from India then simply one requires the retail license to sell the medicine online or offline.
  2. So simply register ones business with the govt of India as Proprietorship Firm or partnership firm or pvt ltd company and then open a current bank account & after that apply for the retail license for the same.

Note: In some states If one wants to sell Ayurvedic/herbal/unani/siddha products then one doesn’t require any drug-related license for sale and purchase of Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha/Herbal Medicine. One needs only GST number and company registration. 


Distribution Business/Retail Business

Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha Business Plan for Shops/Distribution:

  1. Search Shop at prime location whether Rented or Owned. For Distribution wholesale prime location doesn’t matter. For retail, it’s necessary.
  2. Choose good name for your shop
  3. Shop Registration as per local authority norms
  4. GST registration Number if one has more than 20 lakh annual turnover
  5. For running products in your locality, conduct survey.
  6. Purchase Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha products from distributors/Company
  7. Start Selling Products

Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha Business Plan for Manufacturing Unit:

  1. Search Premises for Manufacturing Unit (Rented or Owned)
  2. Choose Company Name
  3. Apply for Manufacturing License Number
  4. Apply for GST Number
  5. Along with Manufacturing License Number File, apply for products approval.
  6. After approval start manufacturing of Ayurvedic/Sidha/Unani Medicines


Documents Required to Obtain AYUSH License

  1. MOA and AOA of the company
  2. Address proof (Copy of the rent agreement) of the premises
  3. Photo ID proof of the proprietor/ Director/partner of the company.
  4. Details pertaining to the refrigerator
  5. Affidavit regarding the compliance of MPD 2021
  6. Qualification Proof
  7. Registration of Delhi Ayush Council.
  8. Appointment Letter and Bio data of the director of the company.  

These documents are required by both who seek the retail license or the wholesale license.


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Unani Manufacturing License

Unani is a noble profession of healing the suffering humanity. Today's fast lifestyle, lack of exercise, stressful workload, odd eating habits have led to increases in various diseases affecting the population, which can be adequately handled by an Unani practitioner. Those who are interested in pursuing Unani Medicine as a career should have a good memory, stamina, power of concentration, emotional stability, logical and analytical mind, eagerness to learn all through their career and ability to take timely decisions.

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Siddha Manufacturing License

The treatment is aimed at restoring balance to the mind-body-spirit system. Siddha lays equal emphasis on the body, mind and spirit and strives to restore complete harmony to the various psychological and physiological functions of the body. In Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, diet and lifestyle (pathya and apathya) play a major role correcting body-mind balance, curing diseases and maintaining health. Kayakarpam, Varmam, and Thokkanam are main therapies used in Siddha.

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